The dark side of your colourful drinks

You wake up and have green tea/tea/coffee, and then you grab a Starbucks on your way to work. A couple of hours into work and you drink ice-tea, because it’s refreshing in the middle of your monotonous task. You pick up a can of coke with lunch, and in the evening you have your usual chai, cold coffee, juice or some yummy thick shake to battle the heat and fill you up. Later in the evening, you have a drink or just any other beverage to compliment with your food or on your way back from work when you’re stuck in traffic and extremely tired.


Source – Google

If this is how your day goes, or actually even half of how your day goes, your drinks are deteriorating your health more than the food you are eating (even if you aren’t completely eating healthy!).

I was outside a joint in Bangalore (India) and ordered a cold coffee, I was shocked to see that a simple cold coffee worth Rs.30 ($0.45) had 2 scoops of vanilla ice-cream, 3 spoons of sugar and ample of chocolate sauce put inside it! This must be anywhere between 300-500 calories (mind you, that’s the amount of calories you should consume in one of your three large meals). This means, the Oreo shake you had when you went out with your friends consists of sugar equivalent to your daily sugar intake and calories equivalent to your meal.


Source – Google

Shocking much? Well, maybe you should check the nutritional information about your favourite drink on the Starbucks official website– it broke my heart to know that my favourite tall Hot Chocolate drink has 210 calories and 37g of sugar (a person’s daily intake should be around 50g), and this is with non-fat milk and without whip-cream.  Enough of defaming Starbucks, because all other joints are the same, or even worse (Café Coffee day is more ice-cream than milk).

Hack : Try not to have those exotic seasonal and other shakes because they have a lot more sugar than required, and customize your drink by not adding whip-cream (saves around 70 calories) and choose non-fat milk instead of whole milk. For other joints and stalls, tell them to make your coffee without ice-cream and chocolate and put less sugar.

Another popular thing I hear from people is, “okay since you are not drinking anything because you are health conscious, have juice since its healthy.” Never have juice, unless its fresh and that too not more than twice a week because its literally zero good nutrition to you, eat whole fruits and vegetables instead because they have a lot of fibre. Next time you go grocery shopping, check the amount of sugar a 200ml tetra pack has- easily around 20gms (same is for ‘healthy’ chocolate flavoured soy milk by the way).  You are not doing any good to yourself, you are just having coloured sugary water and disguising it to be healthy.


Source – Google


Hack : Have fresh juice without sugar, and not too often. In place of juice you can have fruit shakes (without ice-cream and added sugar since natural fruit has enough sugar).

Some of you like to try fusions of drinks, the colourful and fascinating mocktails, which is nothing more than sugary juices plus sugary syrups. Need I say more?

Hack : Stick to lemon-based drinks as lemon & water is actually good and some places add wonderful ingredients to make it extraordinary (e.g. lime juice, lemon grass drink, ginger lemon drink, honey lemon drink, etc).

I am not talking about aerated drinks here because I am sure that’s something we all know (100ml = 10g sugar =bye bye health).


Stay tuned to know about what alcohol does to you, in the next article!



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