What your alcohol is doing to you

‘Going out for a drink’ is the most common kind of social interaction we indulge in, not knowing what your pretty margarita  or a pint of beer has in store of you.

Just an hour of conversation with two drinks down, you just added some really unwanted calories. Ever wondered why the males in most Indian families are unfit, and do most of them drink? There you go. Most of the older men I know will have a peg or two in the evening as a habit, leading to a belly they shall carry forever along with blood pressure, heart, or kidney problems. I am not saying its bad, but the key to everything is moderation. I am not telling you to discontinue drinking, I am telling you to not gulp down a drink every time you go out. How much is ‘drinking in moderation’, you must be thinking, the answer is- once a month. Lets face it, you will not have just one drink, right? The day you are drinking you might as well drink whole heartedly, but that’s just my theory on it. If you really have just one drink, then twice a month should be okay.

Let’s quickly look at some facts-

  • 60ml of Vodka (Absolut) : 69cal
  • 1 pint Kingfisher beer : 140 cal
  • 30ml Gin (Gordon’s) : 80 cal
  • 30ml Tequila : 70cal
  • 30ml Old Monk Rum : 70cal
  • 30ml Bacardi : 69cal
  • 30ml Whiskey (JD) : 65cal
  • 30ml Balieys : 98 cal
  • Orange Bacardi Breezer (275ml) : 170cal

(Data taken from MyFitnessPal)

All of the above also have 5-15g of sugar. Yes, so this is the amount of sugar and whatever carbonated drink you add to it will make it more fattening and unhealthy. And its not about the calories only, its about ’empty calories’ as alcohol has absolutely zero nutrition to give you.


If you are a woman reading this and thinking how vodka is the lowest in calories and you just have a cosmopolitan and that should do no harm, well, cocktails are the most fattening. Why? As you must have already read in the previous article, juices are nothing but sugary water, and cocktail is a perfect amalgamation of several sugary waters plus sugary syrup plus 30ml or 60ml of calorie-packed alcohol.

All you people can blame that bulge on your tummy to alcohol. Honestly, it’s really not the hardest thing to reduce. You will feel the amazing changes which such a small thing could bring! So leave alcohol and eat more of yummy food instead!


  1. Hey Niharika, first of all, you’re an inspiration. I had to follow up all the way from Quora to leave you this message. Phew! Keep doing what you’re doing, it helps more people than you think. I am on a fitness journey myself and can totally vouch for that. I needed a bit of help too, you mentioned somewhere in your Quora post that you had a ligament tear? 😦 What kind of a tear was it? How did you work out despite that? You see, I am fighting a PCL tear myself right now and I really want to hit my fitness class as soon as possible but my doctor insists on full recovery of the ligament, which is going to take a long while. So, shed some light on your situation, please? might help me.


    1. Hi Darshan,
      Thank you a lot! My 1/3rd ACL is torn so I used only cross trainer, cycle, and walked on the treadmill in the gym. Your doctor is right, let it heal first. I have jerked my knee twice due to strenuous activities. Ligament tears never heal, but what you can do is take care of it and strengthen the muscle around it. So hit the gym once your doctor feels its okay for you to do so !


  2. Drinking heavily once in 2 month shouldn’t do any harm, isn’t it?
    Anyways, my medico friends tell that they study alcohols under the subject called ”POISON”. Says a lot. 😛
    Also Absolut Vodka, there is no ‘e’.


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