You said on your post (Quora) that you followed your diet even after you became fit and was no longer fat. Do you think that you would have gained weight if you have stopped following your diet?



Hey there!

So what I started doing was eating healthy and didn’t follow a standardised diet (8am eat this, 10am eat that, and so on). Healthy alternatives always help more than following a standardised diet, because till how long will you keep following it? I will be writing a post on healthy alternatives so that people think that eating healthy doesn’t mean to go on a path of starvation or eating what you do not like at all. An example is eating a chicken steak instead of a pizza, and trust me on this, chicken breast in good pepper sauce with rice, grilled vegetables, and herbed mashed potato taste far better than a pizza! So this is exactly what I did šŸ˜€

As to the second part of your question, I have no diet to follow, just a healthy lifestyle which I tried hard and attempted at and now it is a habit. If you are talking about junk, as I write this I’ve had early 10 Hershey’s kisses and half a bar of Snickers (we all have such days!)

So when I am not following any diet and eating exactly what I like, and in turn if its doing great for my body – what will I stop following and what weight will I gain?


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