Seasonal Fruits


One huge mistake we all make is to eat fruits we like even when they aren’t in season, whether its canned or imported, we would just eat it! This article talks about the importance of fruits, and the least travelled fruit in particular.

I remember as a kid when I used to go to America and eat huge delicious strawberries, and it was so disappointing to come back to the tiny strawberries in India which we have. We wait for summers for mangoes, but then places like Canada and America and many others have no mangoes! No place can be perfect, right? I visited Nepal this summer where I ate peaches for the first time and the freshest possible plums, and it tasted so much tastier than it does in India! Just like how some varieties taste better in the South of India than they do in North, and how avocado is easily available in the Western world than in India where one rotten avocado comes for Rs.500.

20160521_163614Mulberry (Nepal)


Litchi (Delhi, India)

Fruits serve as our primary source for essential vitamins and minerals which is why they are important for consumption. What is even more important is to have the fruit which is in season. Look back into time, you have probably once picked up your favorite fruit when it was out of season, maybe an orange in summers, did it taste as juice like it did 4-6 months back? Just because it is ‘available’ doesn’t mean its in ‘season’. Even mangoes are available a month before their season starts, but doesn’t your mother say ‘Abhi season nahi hai aam ka, meethe nahi hai, baad mein khareedengay’ (Its not the season of mango, they aren’t sweet, we’ll buy them later)?


Mango ( Bangalore, India)


Plums (Kathmandu, Nepal)

A lot of us try to be all fancy to have imported fruits like New Zealand Apples, Washington Apples, etc, eat apples from Himachal and Kashmir instead? Sure that they have travelled to you, but fruits which are not local and have travelled half way across the world for you- how fresh and tasty are they? If you have experimented like me, apples from Shimla will taste far better than those which come from Japan and Washington.


Peach (Thankot, Nepal)


Cherries (Delhi, India)

Respect nature, out of a million regions, it chooses to grow various varieties in various places only during a particular season- why are we transporting it from here and there and trying to feed on it then?

Would not be posting until July 10 as I will be traveling 🙂

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