Review : Insanity Max 30


My last post was about home workouts where I mentioned about Insanity Max 30 which is Beachbody workout. It’s the first home workout I have completed and currently I am on its parent workout called Insanity (The review will be up as soon as I complete it).

What drew me to Insanity Max 30?

  • I wanted to try a home workout
  • Wanted to try something different than gym
  • Wanted something more hardcore
  • I was entering final year of college, and wanted something which takes less time
  • Fight my weight-loss plateau


What is Insanity Max 30?

 It’s a 30 minutes long intensive workout program created by Shaun T which is 60 days long with a 6 days/week exercise routine. It is max interval training to an entirely different level, making it challenging for you every single day. You need to push yourself harder everyday to complete these 30 minutes, and by the time you get comfortable the workout schedule changes (different pattern every 2 weeks). It doesn’t need any equipment at all.

“Your body is your equipment.” – Shaun T


My experience with Insanity Max 30

My main reason was to fight my weight-loss plateau, as my body had been in the same shape for a couple of months with no change at all. I tried changing my workout at the gym and tried different things, but nothing was working out.

Working out at the gym for 2 years, I considered myself fairly fit- until the first day of Max 30. I passed out within first 5 minutes! It was so hard, the first day was unbelievably tiring. Every single day was something new and pushed me hard and harder.

I won’t lie but I was also really doubtful about it. Will just 30 minutes of exercise a day help me at all? I am not doing the conventional exercises specific to body parts, so will I lose my muscle? I was extremely hesitant but nevertheless, thought I would give it a try for at least a month.



My body has never been this defined, EVER! My arms look extremely toned, my quads are out, my core is strengthened, my hips are more muscular- so  my entire body has changed drastically. I also lost like 2 inches on my tummy in just 28 days! So not only have I lost fat but also gained a lot of lean muscle 🙂

Moreover, I have built my endurance more than ever. Every single day with sweat dripping to the floor- you feel like it’s the end and you cannot do it anymore, but you push yourself and the feeling you get after that is inexplicable! More than making me lose fat and making my body more defined, it has taught me to test my limits. I can vouch that this workout will do wonders, only if you commit to it and commit to pushing yourself a little more every single day.

If you are extremely overweight, I am sure you’ll drop a few kilos really fast and efficiently. If you are already fit and are trying for something new and challenging, this workout will not disappoint you.


What others say about it

“I have completed insanity Max 30 twice this workout has not only impacted my body but also my mind. Shaun T is a great motivator and has developed the program with great skill and technique including Tabata and Cardio workouts. For those of you that think Insanity is not for everyone think again cause it is! It also has a modifier if you can’t do the moves in your first attempt. I know I’m a better person from doing this program because it is a fight against the mind and the body and helps you test your limits not only in your workout but in your life.”

-Radhika Butalia


“When it comes to home fitness, I’ve always firmly believed that HIIT is the most dynamic and effective way to go about it. Most of it requires no equipment and relies primarily on dynamic exercise and a fast pace. A great example of this type of program is the Insanity Max 30. Primarily, this program is characterised by its modest duration and this is a merit. The duration of each workout is such that it gives your muscles both a holistic strength workout as well as manageable endurance training. Beach body fitness has a reputation for presentation and Insanity Max 30 delivers on that front. The trainers are engaging and the pacing is great. I noticed myself getting almost immediate toning in my lower body and core. The workout also appears to do wonders for your posture. As someone who had a habit of slouching, this workout noticeably seemed to discourage me from slouching and the results were quite amazing. It was a gradual improvement and took the duration of the entire program but that was a thing as well. It’s a solid 8.5/10.”

-Akash Chakraborty




You can drop in your queries in the comments section below and I’ll reply to you as soon as I can 🙂


  1. Reblogged this on RICKY WAS TAKEN and commented:
    I pitched in on my opinions about the fitness program ‘Insanity Max 30’ on This program is the reason I’m allowed to put 4 gms of cream in every cup of coffee! :3


  2. Hii Niharika,
    I have read your review about Insanity max 30 and I am very impressed. Can I also follow this programme? My weight is 69Kg and height is 5ft. I am at home and not able to join the gym. I have sister’s marriage after two months. Will it help me to decrease my weight and looking good?


  3. Were you following the nutrition guide which comes along with the CD?

    You know it would be really great if you make one of those What I eat in day blog. I am sure people would love it.( I know I will 😀 )


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