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My best-friend Mallika, and I have always been the ‘heavier’ ones in the lot. No matter how hard we tried, we just did not manage to stop ourselves from gaining weight. Every semester in school we had to check our weight, every semester it increased by a few kilos. And after 10 minutes of cribbing over how we are gaining kilos unstoppably we didn’t bother and continued having chips and chocolates. It hit us in 12th grade when both our scales touched the 80+kgs mark! Then boards came, and we gained and gained. Post that as fate had it, we were in the opposite side of the country for college.

We made a pact to work hard on ourselves, because if not now, then when? After board exams, we could barely fit into anything and lets face it- it was sort of depressing. It was upsetting to see ourselves bulge out from literally everywhere possible and our jeans getting tight and tighter.

Since my college started in June, almost 2 months before hers did- I started my journey right then. I joined the gym and started reading a lot of books and articles about the kind of food I should eat and how should I go about my nutritional needs. Since excerpts of my story is already mentioned, I asked Mallika a few questions.


How did you start your weightloss journey?

I didn’t plan a day to start my weightloss journey. In fact, I started with controlling my calorie intake and once I managed that (even though it was extremely tough for a major foodie like me) I joined a gym and since then it’s been tough to get me out of there.

What were your struggles?
My MAJOR MAJOR ( I am not even editing this, just so you know the intensity haha) struggle is my metabolic rate which functions this way -if I eat unhealthy for a minimum of three days it’ll show on my face and my tummy. So it’s been a struggle to lose that.
What kept you motivated ?
The joy of fitting into clothes and sizes that I never imagined myself fitting into. And also when people actually started noticing and complimenting me about my weight-loss, it pushed me even more towards working out hard!
How did I help you ( if I did)
You were a major helping hand for my pre and post workout meals cause initially it was really confusing and also for bringing a slight change in my workout schedule! Thank you so much:) (No, I did not give her a ‘diet’ plan. Just simple do’s and don’ts I keep telling you people.)
What did you do? (The kind of workouts and diet you followed)
 I follow a fixed timing for gym and i also have a weekly routine that i follow throughout which includes cardio, muscle training, body functioning and kick boxing. And my diet? Well I eat everything! (See see, you don’t need a diet plan!) Trust me I do. Monday through Friday I try and keep my calorie intake balanced. And yes I go off sugar sometimes for a 3 to 4 weeks.

Old old old picture
Oh also, we both have different types of bodies. We both have the same kind of ‘genetics’ (the typical Punjabi genes) which was always an excuse of being fat. The only thing was that we both pushed each other to become better every single day. You always need some moral support, and no one does this job better than your best friend- which is even better if she is into it herself. We’ve both followed different kind of workout and have different eating habits, but we helped each other with whatever we could because strong people do not pull each other down, they lift them up!
So this is our story from having flabs to abs (not yet though :P), and if we could do it so can you! We hope we could shine some light on that it is really not impossible, you just need to stay committed and work hard and help out as many people as you can so they could experience this wonderful feeling of a healthy life.

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