Hi -) I am in my process of losing weight. I go to the gym eat right drink right and i am very hopeful about the results that would follow after some time. What my problem is that i have a heavier lower body that is really big round bulgy t



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  1. I have often heard and read that squats and lunges usually build muscles and make the thighs look bulkier! Also that these should b undertaken only after one has lost desirable amount of fat around the thighs to give them a toned look….is it true that such exercises will make our thighs bulkier?

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  2. Hi Myra! Thanks for writing to me. How will muscles build if there is a whole lot of fat accumulation on top? One doesn’t get bulky with squats and lunges, they lose fat and build lean muscle which is essential. And squats are good for the core too 🙂


  3. Hey thanks niharika!😃
    So what all exercises can I undertake which will surely help me lose thigh and calf fat without goin to gym and yet yield desirable results?!


  4. I want to gain weight as I am underweight.could you tell what are the healthy foods I can take outside which can help me gain weight as well as supply energy?


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