To everyone who asks me for a diet plan

Warning : This post may be considered as a rant.

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It has been exactly 3 months and 1 day since I started this blog. The entire objective is to create more awareness about the importance of fitness and a healthy lifestyle- explaining how easy it really is and how you can take little steps to incorporate it into your lifestyle. I also answer questions weekly and reply to questions in the comments section as soon as I can. However, I have so many people asking me almost every single day to create a diet chart! 

If you have read my previous post (they are all lined up in the right side to save the effort of scrolling), you would know that I am strictly against diets. In fact, my very first post is about why I don’t believe in ‘dieting’. My other posts, are about how you can lose weight and get fit without dieting. What is dieting? A chart which tells you what to eat? The only time I guess you have to follow this chart is when you have a serious medical condition and the doctor gives it to you. I have seen people following diets in hospital, and that is because eliminating and including certain foods is extremely necessary in some conditions. However, if you are healthy (and even overweight) and have no serious medical condition, what do you need a diet for?


I do not hold a certification in anything related to nutrition or even fitness for that matter. What I know and write, is through implying research on myself and talking about the results of my experience. So you all asking me for a diet means asking an amateur to make a random chart and you will consume food according to that everyday? Who am I to tell you what to eat? For that matter, who is anyone to tell you what to eat and when to eat? What if your diet says you have to eat at 6am when you wake up at 8am? You will blindly follow it? You will aimlessly follow a chart because you so desperately want the numbers on your weighing scale to reduce?

Well I am sorry because-  do not lose weight if you hate your body, do it because you love it and respect it.  Love your body enough to not put it through torture. This is exactly what is misinterpreted when people try to be fit. In fact, some do not even start because they are so afraid of not eating what makes them happy! I just ate brownies today afternoon, and no, I would not gain weight. This is the result of being healthy not not following a 3 month diet plan. I have lose more than 20kgs without dieting even for a day! And today I can go eat a pizza if I want to without the fear of gaining weight, because I know I have built a strong foundation for myself and  did not take a temporary path which makes me lose weight as long as I am following it and gain when I stop.


Being healthy is a lifestyle guys, stop overcomplicating it and then stress eating because you feel hopeless, because you overcomplicate it ! This is the motive of my blog- to make people realise how easy it is to lose weight and be healthy. Please quit asking me to make you a diet chart and visit a nutritionist if you so desperately need one.

Stay tuned to my posts (every Wednesday and Sunday) and you would know how easy it is to be super healthy and lose those kilos.




  1. Hi
    I’ve been using healthify me app for the past week and it is brilliant. It had the basic division of carbs, fat, fibre and protein and has almost all Indian cuisines in it’s database. Tracks water and calorie burning activity as well. What’s more it can be linked to certain fitness devices like Fitbit. There’s a prescribed limit for all meals depending on the person’s weight and weight goal. Hope this helps those looking out for a diet plan.


  2. Hi! Dieting need not be preparing a list of specified foods that has to be taken. It can also be reducing the quantity of the current food intake to a considerable fraction. You are correct in pointing out that what may work for you may not work for others, but you can very well provide a diet plan targets the large masses for weight loss. Also your diet plan[if provided] may work for atleast one of your reader :). Let your blog audience follow your diet and if it doesn’t workout for them let them strike out the plan from their diet list. Also they will get a generalised picture on what has be eaten and tweak their existing diet plan accordingly.

    Even I was fat. Through trial and error and experience now I know what suits my body. These days I can bring my weight down as low as 65 kg[too skinny] and as high as 90kg[still doesn’t look so fat and chubby] as per my wish with the type of food I take and exercise I do.


    1. I get you, its just that everyone wants me to make a chart for them which doesnt make sense to me. I cannot provide targets but I have written down measures in several posts in what must be done. And I dont have any ‘diet plan’ of mine to share haha thats the entire point I am trying to convey. Thank you!


      1. I understand. I think my reply was misleading. Don’t give them target, just give them something for a reference. You have suggested eating tips spread across your various blogs so far. Let’s forget diet. As a reader myself and hopefully others would like to see a post briefing on what you munched on for that entire day. Just a single post would suffice. Even you can describe your junk food intake like 2 portions of pizza, 1 can of coke etc.
        I can go on but other readers may be bored… I hope you got my point.


  3. Hi,
    I went through it, it’s nice. You are giving time for writing something which now a days everyone needs.

    Meanwhile, do you know about The China Diet? I am following it, someone told me about this diet that by only food habits we can treat any body illness, and I started taking it, it proved that really diet works.

    I suffered from severe intestinal infection last year, which somehow gave me LVH problem, but by only this diet with no medicine, I got treated.

    As, many people reads you and following you, I just suggest you that some day write about China diet too, it even help in loosing Weight too.

    A great initiative by you.



  4. Hi! You look so gorgeous! Great job, Niharika! And it’s absolutely lovely that you are inspiring others too!
    I just wanted to ask you- What’s your height?


  5. Hi Niharika. You are doing a great job of inspiring people through your own story. There are so many queries put up to you with regard to weight loss but none related to weight gain. Can you please help me with some tips for weight gain. I am 25 years old and 5″2′ and my weight is 40 kilos. I am a skinny person. I really want to gain some weight. Can you please help me? Hopefully awaiting your response.


  6. The basic idea is that if you are burning more calories than you are consuming you will start losing weight..lets say you have a daily intake of 1500 calories and then you go to the gym or for a jog and you spend 2000 calories in the exercise you do,you are definitely going to burn fat and eventually lose weght…those 1500 calories taken might be from any source but it should be kept in mind that it has a proper proportion of all the macronutrients as well as micronutrients…following this definitely the result will be visible..on the other hand if a person consumes 2200 calories(be it from any source junk,salad or any healthy diet) but the calories being burnt are 2000…there will be increase in weight.


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