Water for Acne and Weight-loss

During summer break, I actually increased my water intake because I wanted to get rid of my acne. I increased my water intake to some 3 litres or more a day. Whats weird is, its become a habit. I feel thirsty really often and when I wake up in the morning, within first 3 hours I already consume 1.8 litres of water (as I also consume water during exercise). During the day, I easily have more than another litre which amounts to 3-4litres of water a day.

I was unwell 10 days ago and with a sore throat you know how hard it is to even sip water, for 4 days I barely drank water and pop-pop popped up zits on my face. I panicked because I had to leave for a holiday in a few days and when I recovered from being sick, for 2 days I had as much water as I could- and guess who went on a holiday with clean and clear skin? Image result for water and health

Apart from this, I have a lot of water before my meals as it suppresses hunger. In fact, even in the evenings when I feel hungry within an hour of eating, I just have water because sometime you tend to feel hungry but your body actually just needs water! This is one of the reason why we go munching so often because we confuse our need of water with food. I would say that always keep a bottle of water filled next to you and keep sipping as much water a you can and you would see the difference for yourself.

Another thing I religiously follow is having green tea or water as soon as I wake up. I read this long back and drinking water as soon as you wake up has therapeutic benefits and helps in the cleaning your internal system. It acts as a great purifier.

So yes, drink more and more water and drink water when you get hunger cravings. Drink water whenever you can wherever you can. Whats the good thing? Its free and always available! So make use of it and see the changes for yourself 🙂

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  1. Hi Niharika! It’s lovely to stumble upon your blog. Your journey is really inspiring!
    I wish to lose weight too (around 15 kgs). But somehow I seriously hate going to the gym and working out. So I wanted to ask you whether brisk walking and suryanamaskars along with a clean diet can help me lose weight? I’m gonna start tennis too but around December.


    1. Heyy, suryanamaskars are great if you do them repetitively. A friend of mine does around 60-80 of them and you have to do at least these many so you burn fat. So yes, I guess it can! You can add some more asanas too 😉


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