-Hello Niharika,Well my question is if i go for a normal diet with keeping in mind that i have to consume less fats and carbs as less as possible and along with that i dont have time for gym and running.In this case can I loose some wei (1).png

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  1. Hi Niharika!!
    I found you on quora and your journey is inspiring!!
    Iam 28 yr old female 5 feet, weigh 76 kgs.
    I am eating clean past one week and I am determined to continue.
    But the hindrance is I am in IT job, office consumes 12 hrs of my day.
    Sitting job.. I eat 4 -5 meals a day.
    Typical meal plan.
    Breakfast- oats with skimmed milk
    mid morning – one banana/apple/4-5 almonds
    Lunch- 2 chapati with dal sabzi /chckn and salad
    eveing snack- tea (vending machine provides with sugar only), plus roasted chana/ pop corn

    dinner-(10pm evryday :() either only veggies mix or chckn with veggies or cornflakes with milk

    Will doing high intensity cardio at home for 30 minutes evryday help me?

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    1. Hey! Sure it will help you. You diet sounds great but I suggest you should eat more often i.e. every 2 hours. So make it breakfast, mid -breakfast, lunch, light snacks, evening snack, dinner, snack (or snack and then dinner). Let me know how it goes.


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