A short break 

Hey guys! I have exams starting tomorrow (end semesters)  and I’ll be super worked up, so I wont be updating my blog until October 9th,2016. 

Until then, stay tuned to my instagram which I update every now and then (social media addiction) and you can send me a DM on instagram if needed.

Also, read my previous posts for most of the information you’re probably looking for, and some added knowledge obviously 😛 Add your information in comments to enlighten me too. 

I’ll try to study hard and be right back! Don’t forget to be happy 24*7,don’t miss out on your work outs and eat junk like I am right now. (Fun fact : fitness bloggers are humans too!)

Lots of love to everyone ❤


  1. all da best 4 exams ….study hard but have enough rest n sleep …..dont take stress ….just remember what einstein told ….one piece of question paper cant decide my future …..so just chilaax n give your best …..god bless u 🙂


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