How to be healthy during exams?

After gaining almost 4 kgs post exams, I thought I must write this post so you all don’t make the same mistake as me.

Even though my exams were just 4 weeks long (preparation + actually giving), I hadn’t worked out for 2 months because I was unwell and then travelling before exams. Also, its kind of hard to always eat clean when you aren’t working out. At least for me, because when you don’t feel the burn you do not really care about what you’re eating. So there I was, hogging on a lot of chips and chocolates mainly to bust stress and just eat for the sake of munching.

It’s only when I got home and saw myself in the full length mirror did I realise what a blunder I created. My Punjabi genes have anyway blessed me with love handles which is the product of butter chicken with some lachha paranthas (extra ghee of course), and there they were, standing out even more expanded than they are! I looked at a picture I took of myself this summer when I was totally in my best shape till now and compared myself presently- it didn’t make me feel any better. Wait, I this is not what the post is about. I’ll write another post regarding the workout I’m currently doing and it has shown results in less than a week 😀 😀

Getting back to how to be healthy during exams, talking like a grandmother who has experienced a lot in life, I whole heartedly advice that

  • Its OKAY to skip your workouts! Studying is more important. If you cannot find the time to exercise, its okay 🙂 Just try taking short walks here and there (walks to the fridge also count 😛 )
  • Eat fruits for your sugar cravings. Chocolates do not fill you up and excess sugar makes you feel sluggish later, so eat fruits instead so you can get good fibre, vital nutrients, and it will fulfil your cravings.
  • Avoid chips. Invest a little and buy soy, kettle or baked chips instead. Yes I know they aren’t ‘healthy’ per se, but are better than your regular Lays. (They are available at Rs. 40-60 easily).
  • I know munching is absolutely essential (and unhealthy) and sometimes it helps us stay awake too, but try not to eat all of this post 9pm (assuming that you’ll be studying at least till midnight). Eating late night is never good.
  • Sleep! Yes, I know you have to study but try to get minimum 6 hours of sleep (even if its 4 hours at night and 2 hours in the afternoon).
  • Take frequent breaks and stretch, don’t stiffen up your muscles.

Oh, and once exams end get back to your routine! I will be posting about the program I am currently doing. It’s 3 weeks long and I shall write a review once I complete it 🙂


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