3 Home made face packs for good skin this Diwali

Diwaliiiii is coming ! We’re all excited about wearing those blingy Indian clothes and looking the best that we can. Since I too have holidays, I am taking a break from the usual Himalya neem facepack  (click here to see how I prevent acne) which I use. I’ve always been extremely fond of home made face packs and have been into experimenting since about three years now, and of course they give the best results! (Also some blunders which I’ve been through 😛 )

So following are some face packs I will recommend you to absolutely try before Diwali, and of course you can continue to use them on a weekly basis if you want. The face packs I would be writing about are :

  1. Besan (gram flour) and Curd
  2. Honey and Cinnamon
  3. Honey and Coffee


  1. Besan and Curd

I remember once I used besan as a kid and absolutely despised the smell. Years later, I tried it now and I still despise the smell but it did wonders to my skin!


Steps :

  • Take 1 table spoon basen
  • Put 2 table spoons curd
  • Mix well into a thick paste, and apply!
  • Rinse after 20 minutes

WhatsApp Image 2016-10-26 at 5.41.15 PM.jpeg

Results: It turned my skin extremely smooth! Moreover , I appeared to be of a lighter complexion which is not something I knew about. So for super soft skin, go for this !  I have a combination-type skin and it suited me well unlike most other moisturising face packs I avoid due to my acne-prone skin.


     2. Honey and Cinnamon

I have been using this face pack for the longest time for acne. So if you too get pimples often and want to get rid of them (who wants to sport pimples on such a great occasion! Or even otherwise for that matter), this one’s for you.


  • Take 1 teaspoon of cinnamon
  • 3 teaspoons of honey
  • Mix them well and apply the paste
  • Rinse after 15-20 minutes

Results : It helps in curbing acne. The tiny zits which are about to come up go back in and my skin feels clearer.


3. Honey and Coffee

I tried this for the first time simply because I realllyyy wanted to try a face pack which has coffee.


WhatsApp Image 2016-10-26 at 5.56.31 PM.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2016-10-26 at 5.56.54 PM.jpeg

Results : It cleanses your pores and exfoliates your skin. Perfect to use after a long day spent outdoors.


I would also like to mention some properties individually  of the ingredients mentioned above (for skin only):

  1. Besan – detans, lightening, helps fight acne
  2. Curd– smoothening, cleansing, lightening
  3. Honey– antibacterial , antioxidant, moisturising
  4. Coffee – exfoliates, smoothens
  5. Cinnamon-acne, smoothening, antiseptic, prevents ageing


So try them out and stay happy and bright with wonderful skin this Diwali! 🙂



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