Hello Himanshi!

Thank you SO MUCH for your kind words 🙂 🙂

So about your medical issues, I would want to tell you that there are A LOT of exercises for your core for which you don’t have to do crunches or even lie down!

I would link some YouTube videos here (random YouTube workouts have been a big saviour for me during my no-gym days when I previously used to gym)

Other forms or cardio in the gym can be a cross-trainer and cycling. Even brisk walking on treadmill is great !

I’m sure you can find out many more!

About walking on an inclined slope, somebody told you and you stopped, but did you have big calf muscle? I was in a boarding school in the hills which required us to walk on slopes everyday. Sure, you get muscles, but good muscles. The muscles you are thinking about are probably huge manly muscles on your slim legs- no, I don’t think you get that! You get lean toned muscles 🙂


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  1. Hi Niharika,

    I saw your pics and I was really inspired.
    I need to ask you one question. I am overweight by 7 kgs.(5ft, 58 kgs, approx 33% body fat) – chubby and healthy as said by elderly people in India. I eat relatively clean. I guess sometimes I eat outside food twice in a week. I have been exercising since long now…like 5-6 years..approx 30 -50 mins a day…3-5 times a week. But I have not been able to get that toned figure. In last 5-6 years, my fitness level has increased. I have become bit toned, but then thats it.
    And I want to transform it. My weight level keeps fluctuating fast. I eat completely clean then I loose 2-3 kgs, but then again back. I cant be on zero cheat days throughout year..
    Kindly guide me, I dont know what I am doing wrong. Offlate, I have started accepting that I cant change, and its disappointing.


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