Review : 21 Day Fix Extreme

Hi guys!

So remember I did a blog post on a workout I did previously called Insanity Max 30? (Click here to read it).

So these holidays I did a different workout under the same company (Beachbody). It is called the 21 Day Fix Extreme and you can read about it on its official website here.

So, why did I choose this workout?

Okay, so this was when I went home I hadn’t worked out since 2 months due to exams. I was at home for roughly three weeks and really wanted to get quick results. Yes I know I talk about patience but after not working out for so long and gaining weight, I just wanted to lose weight fast. Not only that, I wanted to enhance my muscles.

About the workout

Okay, this is exciting

  • Its only for 21 days
  • Its only 30 minutes 6 times a week! (7 times if you include the Yoga day on Sunday)

Amazing, right? The equipment you need is resistance band, light weights, and heavy weights. I was lifting weights after 8 months (since my daily strength exercises are based on body-weight training) so I only used 3kg dumbbells and a resistance band. 

The workout was intense in the right way. I underestimated it because Insanity Max 30 is so tiring from the first 5 minutes itself, but I realised its intensity when I woke up sore. And thereafter I woke up sore every morning.

Another thing about this workout is that it is highly intense but not High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). So you have a lot of time to focus on every movement and feel every bit of your muscle burning. It made me feel beautiful. Thats the best word for it. Everyday, I looked forward to working out because I enjoyed it so much.


I lost 2 kgs in one week. My quads, shoulders and arms looked way better. My core, which is my problematic part, also settled in. Yes, I was shocked as well since I have never got such fast results from any workout.

What I did not like

There are a lot of exercises a person with a ligament tear on the knee cannot perform. The modifier given (a modifier is a person doing the same exercise in a simpler way) was almost similar to the actual exercise with all the jumps I could not do. 


Overall, I’d say go for it! It’s the perfect time because the festive season is on and we all want quick fat loss results. 


Oh, and this is me. Absolutely loved the pilates day where you focus mainly on your core with the resistance band 🙂




If you too want to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle and have a query, drop it in in the contact tab above and I’ll answer it in one of my QOTWs. Drop it in in the comments for a faster response🙂


  1. Hi niharika..
    I m dng my engineering final yr.. I m a sports person.. National gold medalist in swimming.. But now I stopped gng to swimming bcoz I dnt get time to practice daily.. I was into swimming for nearly 8 years.. I used to practice nearly 6 to 7 hrs per day.. Full of exercises and swimming workouts.. Wen i was in 12th std I was 65kg.. After 3.5 yrs from then.. I m not 112 kgs.. I m constantly increasing and look very fat.. I have very big tummy.. Pls suggest me some way.. So that I can become normal.. My height is 5.7″ or 5.8″.


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