Staying fit during an injury

I chose to write this today because I myself am injured and it feels pathetic to not workout. It isn’t a serious injury of course, just a little strain on the knee due to over exertion but because of my ligament tear I need to be extremely careful and cannot start hopping and squatting before at least a week.

The current workout I am doing is called T25 (will do a review once I complete it). There is an extremely hard workout it in called ‘Total Body Circuit’ which absolutely drains you out. I did it on Monday and I tried to give in my total best by defying my limits and pushing myself- except that I over did it 😦 After a while, I started experiencing a terrible knee pain specially while climbing the stairs.

The thing about an injured knee is, you just CANNOT do without you knee. You need it in every step (literally lol). So what did I do? Rested as much as I could. I have been a potato on bed for two days, I did walk around a little obviously because you cannot completely immobilise it. I skipped my workout on Tuesday. Never strain yourself during an injury, you’ll just make it worse. For a lot of fitness freaks out there, it’s OKAY to skip your workout(s) when you are not well. And today, on Wednesday, I just did 15 minutes abs exercises followed by some stretching.

My knee feels much better now but I won’t start working out with my normal routine until Monday. This entire week will be light exercises on mat followed by stretching.

My message here to you all is, please rest during an injury. Remember how I keep talking about losing weight because you love your body and not hate it? Yes, exactly that. You have to take care of your body when it cannot take stress. Let your body recover.

Now, about working out because duh it feels terrible to not workout (as much as I love rest days because I can be my laziest possible self), while resting comes first, you can slowly start light exercises. By light I mean something which absolutely does not affect the injured part, while is like 15-25 minutes long, and very light intensity. This way you are giving yourself enough rest and exercising just enough.

So please please don’t try to be Iron Man and show how strong you are working out when you’re not supposed. Respect the body which is making it’s millions of cells work 24*7 to heal you, the least you can do it help it heal 🙂 🙂

Consult your doctor before anything at all because we all have different conditions.

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