The flaws of Fitness Addiction

Apart from me, there are a lot of fitness addicts I know who are extremely enthusiastic people. Most of them are very positive to be around and have this passion for a healthy living which makes them fantastic and makes me feel so good to be around them! I know how rosy this picture sounds, but yes, there are a lot of flaws of being a fitness fanatic.

We are ‘addicted’ to being fitness. In my perspective, no addiction is ever good. There must be moderation in everything. Most of us were either too skinny or too fat and put a fitness goal for ourselves and attained it. However, a little deviation from this goal makes dejected. Yes, 5 kilos do feel like the end of the world. We preach about it being ‘okay’, but it really isn’t when it happens to us. Why? Because we don’t want to get back to what we were.

This is a small experience all of us face once in a while, of course it gets repressed because a positive mindset > everything. But why bring in this feeling at the first place? I am writing this right now because this is the exact same thing I have been feeling since a couple of days (ever since I saw the scale) and I can use this blog in whatever way I want, after all its my space to express. I don’t feel anyone should go through this, by the end of the day, its your body! You have to love it unconditionally for all it has gone through and all good things it does to you. And it’s beautiful, but before that, you gotta feel beautiful! A stressed and upset mind will never bring out the best physical results.


Another flaw, choosing gym over everything. Tbh, its GREAT that you prioritise working out (you must!) and being fit and everything, but its not EVERYTHING. You have exams? Discontinue working out if you cannot find enough time. Don’t make working out the ulterior motive when studying is more important that time. You’re unwell? You’re travelling and can’t find time? And so on, just let it be when you’re in a situation you cannot get out of it! Make fitness a priority, but do not get so much into it that you get deviated from more important things in life! Do not burnout your mind and body so much, respect it’s limits.



There was also a time when I would try not to go out because outside food would be so oily/unhealthy/greasy etc. When you see your social side getting screwed up– you need to start working on yourself (Read my article on how to eat healthy when you are out here).


I hope you understand the balance. I also hope that you can now prevent yourself from this. Best of luck!


Will be answering more 2-4 questions this weekend since I haven’t answered since weeks. Please don’t be mad at me, my inbox is flooded and I shall reply ASAP! For a faster response, leave your question in the comments section below 🙂

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