It’s been a while since I answered any questions, hence as promised in my previous post I will answer a few today. Sorry for being this lazy 😛 I will be answering a few questions which require extremely short responses.

Hi, I am 23 year old girl. My height is 5’1 and I weigh around 70 kg. Well, for certain reasons I cannot join a gym. I want to loose at least 10 kg weight. Please suggest any diet(vegetarian)/exercise/yoga tips which can be done at home. Till now I lacked perseverance. But I have started realizing how my being overweight is affecting my confidence and ability to socialize
Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanx!


Hi Meghna,

You can do yoga and other exercises at home easily through YouTube videos. Focus on eating clean i.e. discontinue junk and fried. I’m sure my previous articles will help you with it.

I too have pcod and nearly overweight. I’v been doing aerobics and still see no change.. It takes a long time to reduce but gaining weight seems to be very quick.. Almost helpless.. I have seen the difference in you..amazing! 🙂
Could you suggest what kind of exercises or workout and diet I must be doing in precise?


Hi Nivedita,

Doing aerobics is perfectly fine because aerobics classes also have strength building classes a couple of times a week and not just cardio. You have to give it time for your body to burn fat. It’s always easier to gain and takes double the time to lose, so make sure you eat clean.

Hello ma’am.
I m suffering from pcod from last 6 years and the excess weight is hindering its treatment.
I have gained alot due to pcod.
Please suggest me with a proper diet plan and exercise routine .
I stay in hostel so joining gym is not possible though i will be joining gym for a short duration from june 10 to july 20 (summer break).
Age: 20 years
Height : 5″
Weight : 70 kg


Hi Niharika,

You need to see a doctor regarding your PCOD. Hormones lead to weight gain and you have to see your doctor about how to overcome it since this may be the sole problem of your weight gain.

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  1. Hello niharika ,
    This is isha
    I am.gaining at a very fast rate for some reason I have planned to join gym but I want help how to loose weight faster I am working out and eating healthy how much can i loose in like 2 to 3 months


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