Last minute tips to be in your best shape and glow for Christmas and New Years!


Christmas is 4 days away and New Years is 10 days away. Now is the time when all of us have a lot of gatherings and parties to attend. A lot of us also made a resolution to get fit and maybe failed at it, nevertheless, its never too late!

Below are a few tips and tricks to be in your best shape and glow for Christmas and New Years:


Its too cold which is why we don’t feel ‘thirsty’ per se, and don’t keep ourselves very hydrated. Water is very very important for your skin and even weight loss (Read my article here to know why). So don’t forget to always keep a bottle next to you and keep sipping it. And since it’s cold, you can even infuse different kinds of tea and keep sipping it.

2. Nuts

Almonds, walnuts, peanuts, etc all keep you warm. Nuts are very nutritious to munch on, they are high in protein and healthy fats. So instead on having hot pakoras ( vegetables dipped in gram flour and deep fired) and gajar ka halwa  (Indian sweet dish made of carrot) when you want to eat a little snack, you might as well munch on these !


3. Moisturise

Please moisturise every single time after you bathe and maybe again, and specially your feet before you sleep. This is the time your skin will get very very dry and you totally need to use some good body butters and oils. Even body wash which is oil based is great!

4. Exercise

Yes I know being in your quilt with a mug of coffee is the best feeling ever, but push yourself to do basic exercises like crunches , squats, etc (if not more)  everyday. Last minute exercises can end up toning you so you can fit into your favorite sweater  without a muffin top popping out.


5. Eating clean

Cold salads taste too cold and hot fried snacks taste too good. Cliché, and this may be your laziest time but you don’t want to get shocked when you remove your layers of warm clothes and see piled up fat, right? Eat yummy soup, barbecue and grilled snacks, oats, etc. Even hot chocolate once in a while is okay 🙂 Because in the end, the journey f fitness is supposed to be enjoyable right?



For any queries, please comment on any post instead of sending in a question through the Contact tab above as I have too many questions left for QOTWs.

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