Tips to help you look thinner this winter!


Winters means wearing layers and layers of clothing which sometimes make us look fatter than we already are! So how do we avoid looking that plumpy and in fact appear thinner instead? My first fashion related post collaborated with my friend who is a designer and a stylist, Ishita Tarun Sadana (click here to reach out to her for beautiful customised outfits).

Stripes– Stripes can be very very tricky, but if you wear them right, it makes all the difference. If you have a broad upper body you must avoid horizontal stripes. In fact to lengthen your legs, vertical striped jeans or lowers can really help you. 


Stick with one hue– Wearing the same colour top and bottom really makes you look thinner and taller and immediately draws all the attention to your middle line than your upper and lower body.

Pointed heels– Skinny heels with pointed toes does wonders and extends your calf length immediately. A chunky bulky heel will always make your calves look fatter.

Show some skin up top– Being fat does not mean you need to dress conservatively, with such trendy off shoulder tops and V necks in fashion, just a little skin show on the top will make you look trendy. You would look more elegant and draw attention from your lower and middle body. 


Bell Bottoms– The trend is emerging and growing with time, a dark navy, black or wine coloured bell bottom will have a major slimming affect on the pelvis and abdomen and make the legs look longer and therefore slimmer. 


Fabric decision– Make sure you chose your fabrics wisely. Anything embellished crushed and sequin will add pounds to your body while leather, denim. corduroy and jersey will contour the curves. 


Accessorise– Long necklaces are your solution to having a bulky upper body. Long necklaces take away attention from the fat while giving a longer torso feel to your body. 

Hair– Experiment with those curls of yours. Be your own Beyonce. After all, bigger hair gives you an illusion of a smaller, narrower face. 

High Waist line– Wear accessories like belts, high waist pants and dresses with a high bodice to accentuate the was it line. 

Image source : Pinterest

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