10 tips to help you accomplish your New year’s resolution

Happy New Year to all of you! Thank you for all the love and support and I hope 2017 is your transformational year!

First weekend of 2017, are you following your New Year resolution of ‘lose weight this year’ or ‘be a fitter person this year’ yet? Are you still feeling too lazy to get out and start working out? Or are you confused about how to go about things?

I remember that losing weight used to be my New Year resolution almost every year. That’s all I really wanted (but was too lazy to work for) and a month or three months into the new year and it was all forgotten and never looked back into.

What I want to say here is- don’t be like me. And below, I’ll tell you how:

1. The time is NOW

Don’t wait for a week more and consider this as your ‘last break’ or a month later or three months later, start NOW. Don’t delay the process. A week has already gone by, there are 51 weeks to go. Imagine what a difference you can make  just in 4 weeks time if you start now.


2. How to start?

Lock up all the fried and unhealthy staple snacks (namkeen, biscuits, mathhi, etc) you have in your house and keep it only for the guests (because well, Indian households!). Out of sight, out of mind. Restock the empty shelves with healthy munchies!

3. What to eat?

No junk, no fried. For snacks/munchies, there are plenty available like greek yogurt, soya crisps which taste far better than chips and are very filling, roasted soy beans, dry fruits, sandwiches in brown bread, etc.


4. What not to eat/drink?

Completely discontinue fried. Have chocolate once in a while (If you’re a chocoholic like me). Give up on beverages, yes, even juice unless its fresh and preferably without sugar. (Click here to read about what beverages do to you). Discontinue alcohol as it is empty calories, but if you must have it then have it once in a while (Click here to read my article regarding alcohol and weight-loss).


5. How to get the motivation?

You know you want to get rid of that stubborn fat. You want to fit into that pretty dress. You want a summer body. Whatever your short term goals are, they’re good motivation for now. Later on , when you see even the smallest of results, your results itself will motivate you to do better.


6. “I can’t get out of bed”

Okay, forget that dream body you’ve been dying to get. Honestly, push yourself for like 3 weeks and then you’ll adjust to it. I’m sure just for 3 weeks you can push yourself, right? After all, you gotta work for what you want.


7. “I am a foodie, I cant leave my favourite food and punish myself with some diet.”

Well guess what, you don’t have to! Read some of my previous articles to know how :


8. How long do I follow a diet plan for?

Lifelong. Which is why, you don’t need a diet plan. You need a lifestyle change. Once you see its beautiful results on your body, you would want to stick to the healthy life! #ExperienceSpeaking

9. The ‘E’ word

You have to exercise. That doesn’t mean you have to join the gym. Apart from joining a gym, you can do a lot of fun classes (Crossfit, yoga, etc), play a sport, dance, exercise at home (Click here to read about my experience on home workouts), and so on. Just do what you enjoy!


10. Stay

You’ve already started. Please, do not give up. Believe in yourself, you started for a purpose and now you have to finish it. No one can do this for you but you. Do not give up on yourself. Yes, that brownie looks very very tempting, so how about you treat yourself after you lose 5 kilos?  After all, your entire process of losing weight should be a lot of fun and its important that you’re always happy.



Lastly, if I could do it so can you! Know that you can! Once your willpower is strong, nothing can stop you. Don’t aim to lose weight but aim to be a healthy individual and weightloss will come to you, along with some good skin and a happier you and numerous other benefits!



  1. I started to follow your blog after Quora. I cant bear time for gym and i cant starve. So, I am following u and Gurumaan Fitness by eating healthy. It was great motivation. Thank you!!


  2. Hi niharika ur posts are really awesome and ur weight loss is something we dnt see happening to a normal person(only we see in celebrities)coz i used to believe u need a personal trainer(something like Kris gethin) and a million dollar gym to achive it…..kudos to your transformation and the knowledge that u have gained over the process of ur weight loss and also thanks for sharing the same with us..

    I myself am tryin for quiet some time to lose some weight…im 5feet 9 and weigh right now 82kgs…though its very much overweight (on the weighing scale)but i dnt have fat much on my body apart from my waist…i dnt do much of activity during my work due to the nature of my work which involves me sitting in my chair and doing work….also i dnt have the enthusiasm and energy to go to the gym…but what i can do is cut down on my food intake…and can do the most basic physical activity(walk)can walk about even till 8KMS without any problem…..so i have decided to walk everyday back to home after my working hours….i need some help in letting me know what can be eaten in the dinner…i eat 4eggs in breakfast in brtween i have a yoga bar and den in lunch i have some salad and again in evening an apple….what can be eaten in dinner to keep the calorie intake less yet that will curb my hunger???is momo a bad option??? And one more thing is that i have noticed that after a week or 10 days of following the diet i will have too much twndency to have some French fries or some other junk food even something like lots of plain white rice with chicken curry….how can this be controlled???would be really thankful if you suggest some….and sorry if you found way too similar to the queries you keep on getting and say that one HAS to workout to lose weight….. thaNks for reading anyways


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