Hi Niharika,
Kudos on the Achievement woman, so inspiring and yes from your posts I see people actually look up to you for help on choosing the healthy lifestyle track. 

I work in a hotel so you see I’m a budding chef, 20 years old and 75kgs and I weighed 82 kgs a year back. I lost a lot of weight back home, now that I am staying in a PG,  it seems difficult! We get meals in the hotel and doing a 12 hour shift(at times more), I don’t really have time to hit the gym and doing my part of weight Training just seems impossible.
I need a few tips so I can get along with the routine as well as loose weight. I don’t really have a target month or a time period on how I want quick results , didn’t really gain this much weight in a month or so.
Ideally my weight should be 58. Can you help me with some good snacking options and exercises I can do at home itself?
God bless.
Chef Anandi

Hi Anandi!

I know it will be hard but try to do at least some exercise minimum 5 times a week. Even if its only for 20 minutes! Or 10 minutes of jogging, it’s hard but not impossible! It’s good to keep moving despite the busy schedule.

Losing weight is primarily associated with your diet, even when you cannot exercise. Try to have 3 big meals and 4-5 small meals. Even when you do not feel hungry, eat every 2 hours so that you do not overeat when you actually feel hungry. This keeps your body energised at all times which will make you work better too. Small snacks can also be a handful of peanuts or a chickpea salad, anything healthy works.

Next, discontinue fried and junk. Simple.

Also, don’t stick to a specific weight. I’ve sometimes weighed much more when I do weightlifting because of muscles. 5 kgs ahead and behind your ‘ideal’ way totally works 🙂

Best of luck!

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