Dealing with Acne 3.0 : Tea Tree Oil

You know those breakouts which pop up randomly (SPECIALLY before an occasion!)? It gets SO annoying to keep getting your skin treated and use chemical based products because come on – the skin on your face is super sensitive and we want to take the utmost care of it.

I got introduced to Tea Tree Oil a couple of months ago.

A tiny history lesson on it :

Its a natural antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal and antiseptic! It helps in removing dead skin cells and prevent acne by penetrating sebaceous glands. Acne happens due to oily skin and it helps in keeping that balance. It’s used for many things like treating dandruff, yeast infections, toenail fungus, etc. In this post, we are only focussing on treating acne.


How I use it :

One drop on the zit. That’s it. Please do not use it all over your face. One drop on the zit every night works the best. It can make your skin really dry if you overdo it.

Results :

I’ve experienced results in a day as well as 4 days. What a life saver!

Why I suggest it :

Because I’m going to keep putting up whatever has worked for on me for acne and shower the secret knowledge about you. LOL. On a serious note, it sucks to have acne and if you can take some measures to avoid and moreover get rid of it then why not. Moreover, going natural is always the best way!

Brands I’ve used : I’ve used Nyassa before and am currently using Aroma. The Body Shop is good too but costs 3x the normal price. A 20ml bottle should last months or even years, because you’re just using it drop by drop!


Best of luck and let me know how it works for you! 🙂

Read my previous posts on acne since I won’t be repeating information which has been mentioned before.

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  1. Okay I think people need to get rid of this mentality that chemicals=bad.I dont know why everyone give chemical based products a bad reaction compared to products that claim to be “natural” even though they have same chemicals base used. Tea tree oil has not been effective for me at all in treating my acne. In fact it worsen it. If it wasn’t for my derm’s prescribed what you call “chemical gel” I wouldn’t be having cleared skin right now. Sure there are some ingredients that are not good for skin but they can also be in their natural state as well cause in the end everything is made up of chemicals. So be careful for those who have sensitive skin.


  2. Sorry if I came of as arrogant want. Just wanted to say be careful with every ingredients whether they’re synthesized chemically or extracted in their natural form as both can be irritating. synthesized can be more harmful as you mentioned but can do wonders if used in right proportions.


  3. Tea tree oil is natural alternative for many skin problems. It is an excellent treatment for acne. Tea tree oil has the ability to kill bacteria and treating acne.

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