Fighting your Weight-loss Plateau

You know those few months when you are working just as hard (and sometimes harder) but you’re still not losing any weight/fat? That’s called a weight-loss plateau. I’ve had it for over 4 months! And its not impossible at all to get rid of it, you just need to follow some basic strategies.

  1. Change your workout– Join a fitness class or do some yoga, just change your workout for a while. I started doing the Insanity Max 30 workout and started losing fat immediately (as less as 2 weeks) and gained lean muscle.
  2. HIIT – Do HIIT (High intensity interval training) exercises a couple of times a week, or add them to your cardio schedule in the gym with rounds of sprinting and jogging.
  3. Sugar– Discontinue any food or drink with sugar , just for a month! Yes, that means tea and coffee as well. Worked wonders for my skin too. After that you can start having it in moderation, but for a while cut away from drinks and dessert.
  4. Alcohol– Alcohol accounts to so so so much empty calories, discontinuing alcohol means cutting down on a lot of calories and saving that belly.
  5. Supplements – I am not a pro with supplements, the only think I take is whey protein. My friends take Apple Cider Vinegar as it helps with burning fat.
  6. Hormones – As women, we have a lot of hormonal changes and imbalances. If nothing works out, get yourself checked so you know whats the cause of this!



  1. Hey! I am Lakshya. I am 20 years old.
    I lost around 9 kgs by exercising and following a clean diet. I’ve a pear shaped body, so my thighs are really heavy. I want to lose weight at my thighs. I started cycling (stationary) for an hour a day.
    Today, I came across some articles saying cycling makes thighs bulky as it results in muscles growth.
    I don’t want muscles rightnow. Just, slim lean legs.
    Should I continue cycling or not? Suggest me some exercise or workout for lean legs.
    Thankyou in advance. 🙂


  2. Hey, can you tell which whey protein you took? As I am a vegetarian my protein intake is very low.



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