How to stay motivated?


90% of my Instagram DMs are related to motivation. Either a person has been exercising for too long and doesn’t see any results, or they just cannot bring themselves to exercise or eat healthy food at the first place. Are you one of them too? In this post, I’ll talk about how I stay motivated.

Let me tell you one thing, no body is perfect. As I type this, I am 70 kgs which has been my highest weight in 2 years. I have the chub back on my face and it does get depressing to see my tummy in the mirror. Moreover, last summer I was in my best body and right now I am the opposite. Yes, I am as normal as anybody else who cribs about my body and does feel sad and demotivated. But then, I also look at myself and feel I have come this far. I may have gained 6-8 kgs, but this is the body which has touched obesity and come down, which has increased its weight during exams and come back in shape every time after that, which has been through its ups of being close to a flat tummy and then lost it and got tyres of fat instead. This, is one hell of a body! I’ve got it, so have you. If I can, so can you!


Coming back to what keeps me motivated? Well, here’s a little story. I was working out at the gym when I saw hints of my collar bones one fine day. I felt so, so happy and couldn’t believe myself. Further on, my favourite jeans became loose for me and I cried because they were my fav but also because I couldn’t believe it. I know what its like to punch my weight as 80 on a treadmill machine and the joy of punching 75 a few months later, and ultimately 65 ! I believe in myself that I can get back to what I was after I work hard.


What should keep you motivated? Firstly, you shouldn’t do it for anybody but yourself. No one knows the struggle, commitment and hard-work which goes into being fit- you will go through it and only you would understand it. No one would respect you more than you will begin to respect yourself. Do it because you want to be at your best. Do it because it is the most amazing feeling in the world, and because you want a new you, a healthy you, a fitter you.

Secondly, it is impossible to start it all in one day. Make small improvements everyday. Reduce your sugar intake week by week, work out a little harder month by month, and it is these small steps which lead to progress. It takes time, but it is worth the time right?


Other than that, lets lose weight together? I am struggling right now too. Stay tuned on my Instagram (@neehareekah) for tips and updates 🙂


  1. Yours transformation story has been a great motivation for me since I read it on quora.
    I was 62kgs ( my ideal weight is below 55kgs )when I read it first
    It prompted me to lose weight and get in shape . And it’s been a bumpy ride for me
    There were months when I didn’t exercise,ate junk but I always came back on I am 55.5kgs and I am ready to shed some more weight to get a perfect body and I know it will take time but I know it’s worth it.
    And whenever I got impatient,felt depressed about not losing the desired weight,i used to go back to your quora profile and remotivate myself.
    So thanks to you.
    My body has not transformed as much as I expected but I have into a better eating,researching and physically active person.

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  2. Hi Neeharika!!
    I was 78 initially. Now I am 69. But my ideal weight is around 63. I don’t exercise but keep my calorie intake too 1200. And also healthy sources only. But of late my weight is not going below 69. It juggles between 69-70. How to go about it? Thanks in advance.


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