Staying healthy at work

There are numerous ‘how to stay healthy during work’ questions I have received earlier for QOTW and I must explain my answers were easily said than done!

So I have been interning since about 3 weeks now, my timings being 8.30am to 5.30am, and I must admit first 3 days were unmanageable. I was already waking up at 7am to leave by 8am, and I kept the evening for my workout. I’d be back home by 6 and I wouldn’t want to get out of bed by like 8pm or 9pm. It was just SO HARD! How do you expect me to exercise after I have had 9 hours of work?! And thats when I understood a lot of peoples plight 😦

Then came weeeeekend! If you follow my Instagram, you’d know how much I focus on Mondays being a completely new beginning where I can change myself.

That Monday onwards till now, below are a few things I do and would continue to do so. I can confidently say even with 9 hours/day of work I am definitely eating healthy and working out, and yes, its working out !

  • I wake up at 5.45am. So by 6 I get out of bed.
  • Drink water and workout. I have discontinued green tea for a while because I’m too lazy to go down and make it and also because Delhi is burning at 45 degree celsius and I don’t like to have any warm drinks.
  • Workout 6.15-7am
  • Bathe by 7.15.
  • 7.15- 7.50 is time for breakfast plus reading. I read while eating and post that because I really wanted to take out some reading time for morning where I can read the books I am currently hooked on to. Its very important not to discontinue things you love just because of work pressure,. So take out little time in the morning to do what you love and are unable to find time for. For me, its reading!
  • 8.30 am – 5.30 pm : work work work work work work
  • Sleep before 11. Not atbefore.

Food hacks

  • My breakfast is fresh fruit or eggs (any form)
  • If breakfast is fresh fruit, I have scrambled eggs or bhel at around 11am in office.
  • I usually have about 2 cups of tea/coffee in office and cold coffee once home.
  • My lunch is sabzi (cooked vegetable) and 2 rotis. I eat slow so I can fill up. This practice keeps me full till the evening. (Click here to know about chewing and losing weight)
  • I carry almonds, figs and channa (chickpeas) with me to munch on.
  • I reach home hungry so if I have a heavy snack at 6.30-7pm I can’t really eat dinner because I feel too full, in this case, I drink milk before sleeping.
  • If evening snack is light, I eat dinner (usually non veg) but no roti.

I am not really specifying ‘what’ I eat because its obviously not the same everyday. But this is what my day is like when I’m at work, and with the workout I am currently doing (Bikini Body Guide or BBG), everything is falling into place. It‘s just about planning!

I know a lot of you work for 10-12 hours a day, but I’d say just take out 45 minutes for yourself. 30-60 minutes is all you really need. Also, even when you munch, munch healthy so you feed your brain and function better 🙂

I hope this works for you!

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