Keeping Fit While Travelling

Since last 5 years, fitness has been an addiction for me. Starting my day without working out makes me feel uneasy and rather agitated through out the day. And if due to any reason I miss my morning workout, I absolutely have to end my day with it. Working out to me hasn’t been to get that flat tummy or some shape of thighs (whatever is in lol), the sole purpose is to be fit and aesthetics follow. It’s about being strong, and being able. It’s about pushing myself everyday- pushing my physical potential and pushing myself out of my comfort zone EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Local Dutch Pancakes with Banana & Nutella. Filled me up for hours!

Enough of what working out means to me, let’s get to what this post is about. So let me put up some facts, which happened with me-

  • I ate Nutella EVERY DAY for breakfast (at least 4-8 spoons)
  • I ate lots of fries, at least once day. Primarily because I don’t eat pork and beef and fries are available everywhere, so safe choice!
  • I didn’t even think twice before eating what I want. Whether it’s stroopwaffles, Dutch pancakes with Nutella & Banana, chimney cake, the local baker’s cookies- name anything and I’ve had it because I’m big on desserts!

The point is, I can’t do without Nutella (sorry haha!). However, the more serious point is, you’re not going to come to this place again. Maybe you will, but you’re not going to be in this moment again. For me, I knew I’d never go to the Prague Castle again in my life and I should eat the chimney cake; I may never go to Copenhagen and if that happens, what are the chances I’ll see the local market be up and sell various kinds of homemade chocolates? The idea of travelling is mainly to live.

Soul food! Fries & Mayo ❤ 
The famous Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebap- Berlin
This is an important picture for me because it’s the the first glass of wine I’ve ever had in my hostel in Vienna

How to stay fit now, you may ask? Enough of philosophy and more of science. When I say I had about 6-8 spoons nutella everyday, it would power me up to walk 6-12km everyday. Let’s not forget all castle are uphill, so inclined walking. Moreover, walking 10,000-20,000 steps/day were enough. The breakfast helped me push through and after this I’d usually eat my lunch around 3-4pm. Late lunch because I take enough coffee (+cake) breaks in the middle to taste local coffee in offbeat cafes. Hence, scientifically, I was burning more calories than I was consuming. Also, you kind of eat less when you’re exploring- at least I do, because I’m so caught in the moment.

And look at that! Most days are 10k+ and some even 15k+ 

I came back with lesser weight (like half kilo lesser but I want to sound more valid) and much more satisfaction because in my day to day life, nutella is something I stay far far away from! It’s more important to enjoy your travels because this time will not come back again- make the most of it! Specially when it comes to trying local dishes, don’t worry about what they’re made of. And walk as much as you can, not to stay fit per se but because exploring on foot will take you to places you’d otherwise just cross by. It’s full of surprises and discoveries 🙂


Cremeschnitte, also known as kremna rezina-  favourite dessert of Slovenia! 

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