On My Current Fitness Journey, and Getting Back to Health & Fitness Blogging

I blogged about fitness last during my undergrad, which is from 2015-17 and to blatantly admit it- it was far easier then. It was my journey at that time. I knew I had to lose 20 kgs somehow and when I realised that I could distribute my knowledge, is when this blog was born (originally www.foodandfitnesstheory.com).

About blogging, it was easy to document this journey. My regular food updates, on what I am eating and how many inches and kilos I’ve lost, it was rather engaging and as a blogger, motivating.

Then adulting happened, and life got busy.

And even today, my passion for fitness stays the same (if not more). For past 3 months I have thought of how do I get back to blogging about fitness and food. Why would people read, because I am not documenting a fat-to-fit journey anymore? For those who haven’t followed me for a while, they’re unaware about this journey all together.

Looking at my social media, I also figured how ‘aspirational’ my feed looks, with all the travel pictures. If I look at it as a third person, I would probably look and say “Ok, this is cool”, and scroll down. But if I look at my older pictures which were motivational and gave tips to a healthier and better lifestyle, I would actually want to believe it and try it on myself. And making a difference, is what I’ve been craving for- but like I said previously, it’s taken me a long long time to figure out how to get back to it.


In addition to this, since December 2018 is also when I completely changed my workout and diet. I now weigh 67kgs, and I feel stronger, fitter, and happier than how I looked and felt at 62kgs. And I would want to believe this was my push to start writing again, to start sharing what I do and what I eat and how I stay motivated and how can you all take your very first step towards it or enhance your existing lifestyle- and I am going to do that now!

I really did think that when I start working, my lifestyle would be impacted in terms of health. Unbelievably, majority people I even at work (from my workplace and outside, so basically those who are doing a corporate job) do little or nothing to stay fit. I realised that this isn’t work pressure or stress, it’s a choice. It’s a choice I made in college that I have to fight my obesity and PCOD, and it is a choice now that I want to wake up before I go for work and have an intense workout session and feed my body well the entire day. It is also a choice that I will still never follow a diet trend or a diet plan, and I will discontinue sugar in my daily life but still have a dessert on weekends.

My goals, obviously, are more different than what they were to a fat 18-year old Niharika. But this journey hasn’t become any easier, on the contrary, it has only become more challenging than it was before. I didn’t imagine that that I’ll be capable of lifting 25kgs in deadlifts about 60 times. I never imagined lifting as much as I lift now, the functional exercises that I do, and actually seeing muscle definition. And it’s happening, and its bloody hard! I never envisioned that I’d look at my tummy in the mirror and see it 3x more defined (still not there). I am now, also going to never blame my genetics for my excessive belly fat- I’ve come to realise it’s only an excuse I’ve used all these years.

So here we begin again, to a stronger and fitter lifestyle. To beating myths and added tips. To eating clean, and to eating those brownies too. But mostly, to look at our long-term health and lifestyle – and make it better.


  1. Hey Niharika …. loved ur blogs soo much 💖.. I came here after I saw ur post on quora … I am a recent reader . Your lifestyle inspired me a lott !! .. I am also an obese and wanna lose my weight before I turn 18 . I am 17 currently . So ur blogs gonna help me a lot !! Thnx . ❤ ….. Also I would be going to the same college as you . I can relate that whatever you achieved in your life are my dreams .
    1. Weight loss
    2. Bsc in biotechnology
    3. Msc ( in a foreign uni )
    4. Blogging
    5. Travelling the world
    6. Financing and investing .
    7. And a job finally.

    You might think that I wrote all those after seeing your posts and tried copying them but I swear those are dreams . I’ve written them in my wishlist immediately after my class 10th board examinations .

    Now you’ve become my role model .

    Thnx once again for inspiring me and motivating me through your posts on quora and blogs on different websites .

    Lots of Love all the way from Assam (India )
    Pammi ❤


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