On Feeling Guilty After Eating

As I write this, this is my third day where I’m constantly craving for carbs. My usual no carbs post 4pm diet WAS replaced by eating white garlic bread with butter. My vegetables for lunch today got replaced by wheat momos. My dinner which is usually dominated by protein last night was replaced with chicken fried rice. I haven’t had cornflakes with milk for as long as I can think of, and I did today.

When this started on Monday, I was extremely guilty and wanted to work out extra in order to burn off these calories. I didn’t workout post a hectic day of work though, and it wasn’t just the hectic day which was the cause, but that thinking this way was entire wrong. Not just for me, but for you too.

Out of everybody I know, 8/10 people experience this ‘guilt’. The guilt of that one dessert (or even a bite!), the guilt of eating a slice of pizza, and so on. I do understand how natural this feeling is, because I know how much one works hard in the gym and it sucks to lose that hard-work in mere indulgence. However, I would also like to believe that most of the time, you eat healthy? As for me, I try to eat clean Monday to Friday and indulge in alcohol and dessert and excess carbs for lunch on weekends. You may not follow the same, but if you eat fairly clean and workout- you are on the right path, because you have the intent to be fit and you’re working towards it.

Today, I guiltlessly ate what I wanted to, and thats when I felt the need to write this. I have heard the term “I’m so guilty I ate this” countless number of times, and you don’t have to feel that way.

Listen to your body. Listen to it when you feel low, eat that chocolate when you’re menstruating (I live on them!), and let go. You’re doing good to your body when you exercise and when you feed it well. Let’s not make this journey to beat ourselves over petty issues like this? Because there’s no point doing anything if it doesn’t make you happy. 🙂

PS – Eating a homemade pizza for dinner 😀


  1. Hallo, I needed to read this as I many times feel guilty already even BEFORE I “cheat”. And what makes it worse is that as a 60 year old I do not feel like exercising. I used to go for a walk but I don’t do it anymore- hate exercising. I limit myself to 1000 calories per day. When I exceed this I feel terrible.

    Riana Rosslee



  2. Hey! came across your page few weeks ago and oh my god, I’ve loved every bit of it, also have been following you on instagram since then. Just wanted to thank you for writing such blogs , I feel more motivated and positive by reading them. You’re doing something really good which is hard to find these days.

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