How to set fitness goals for 2020 and ACTUALLY achieve them

For the longest time, my goal has just been to lose weight, or get a flat stomach, or work for finer glutes. I have believed in healthy living for the longest time now, but my physical goals have been mainly aesthetic and rather vague.

Imagine your goal for 2020 is to lose 10 kilos. Period.

Are you finding a way on HOW to lose 10 kilos? A step by step process on losing this weight? Also, creating your own diet plan as you don’t want to lose 10 kilos with a fad diet and gain it all back right?

What would happen with me is, this goal of losing weight would be on my mind but I won’t take ACTIVE STEPS to lose weight. I’d hit the gym everyday and eat healthy. And that’s all. Unfortunately, this doesn’t quite workout so well 😦

Here’s how I suggest you plan your pathway to a fitter 2020. I’ve done the same for myself, and every week is so exciting!

write down everything

Take out your notebook, don’t fret about how unachievable according to you the goal may be. For me its pull ups, quite laughable considering I very recently learnt push ups (by recent I mean 4 days). But, write it down because YOU want to learn it.

You want to lose 25 kgs? Something you may feel is unachievable and something you may not want to tell others, because you may be unsure yourself if you’re capable. WRITE IT DOWN. Remember, this is only for you to see and know.

write down everything-2

Let’s start step by step, because when you write down 5-10 things you want to achieve – its still ambiguous ! If your goal is to run 5k and learn pull ups, it’s confusing as to what to do when :/

So, month by month, write down what is it you should achieve by then. For instance, before learning a pull up, you need to learn a push up. A push up may take you 3 months of everyday practice, but a pull up may take you 12. So write down months in the order of easy to achieve —-> difficult to achieve.


write down everything-3



the process of developing or moving gradually towards a more advanced state.

Now, if your goal is to run 5k, it ain’t going to happen if you can just run 1k right now. So, you create progressions to achieve this goal. For instance, you will practice running 1.5k thrice a week for Week 1, 2k for Week 2, and then gradually increase until you build stamina. This doesn’t have to be just for a month (we cannot learn one thing entirely in a month!), but progressions need to be developed to achieve your goal prior to the timeline you have set.


write down everything-4

In December 2019, my class workout included skipping – the goal was to skip 90 times under 1 minute. In 5 rounds, I could manage 40-50. I was appalled about people actually doing it! I kid you not, I practiced for 5 minutes everyday and it took a little over a week to do 90 under 1 minute 🙂

If I didn’t take out 5 minutes everyday post workout and would cheat on my goal, I’ll be the one losing.

write down everything-5

The best thing about monthly goals? You see yourself change on a weekly basis. With practicing 5-6 times a week, you see your strength and stamina increase. In just your third week, you can see a change. If you don’t give up, I can vouch that this would motivate you to work harder as the results would be consistent (with consistent work).

ENJOY this journey, which is costing you your time and sweat for a better life (literally, in all possible ways!)

We are just 20 days into Month 1 of 2020. Spend the next few days on this, and kickstart this year to be YOUR fittest year.


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