How Budapest threw unexpected surprises at me

I don’t know if I have mentioned this before on any of my posts, but the 3 week long solo Europe trip I planned- was planned by printing out the map of Europe and drawing lines with a pencil to map my journey and check flight tickets. By the end of this exercise (which took about 4 weeks), I was geographically familiar with the cities I would be visiting but not culturally or economically for that matter. I really didn’t have much idea about the food and prices, apart from my hostel rents. Talk about being well researched!

Also, did you know

  • Buda and Pest are two different towns, separated by a river
  • Sparty = Spa + Party. Imagine partying outdoors in a pool when its two degrees Celsius! (More info below)
  • It has the third largest parliament in the world!

Budapest was one unique place, because it was everything I didn’t expect it to be. Keep reading to know why. 🙂



Look at the breakdown and see it for yourself:

  • Stay – I paid 700 a night for a female dorm in a hostel, inclusive of breakfast (Click here to see the hostel I stayed in. Disclaimer : it is a party hostel)
  • Coffee – less than 100rs
  • Food- 100-300rs
  • Walking tour – Free! Paid 5 euros of tip
  • Sightseeing – I didn’t go inside any museums, so the cathedrals and bridges and hiking was obviously free
  • Partying – A pass for a pubcrawl for for 12 euros, where you get 6 buy one get one free coupons, and one drink was less than 300rs.



Yes, all cities have travellers. Paris, Delhi, London- is packed with tourists. But Budapest, is a hub of travellers. The culture of backpacking is massive, with numerous party hostels, pub crawls and walking tours. Out of nine countries that I travelled solo, never have I found so many travellers in one city. It makes the entire atmosphere so warm and vibrant!

The majestic St, Stephens Basilica 

It is more beautiful than most European cities

I was mesmerised by the beautiful streets while walking in Budapest. It was just March, not a Christmas season but the streets were still lit up with fairy lights and were filled with typical European festive street markets. The hike to from Pest to Buda is gorgeous! The locals were warm. The food is so yummy with such a deep root of culture in it, dominated by the excess use of homemade sour cream. (Tip: Eat Langos)


Parties for the non party-goers!

I dislike partying so so much. I would much rather be in bed, or go out for a cute dinner or have drinks with close friends than get drunk and party. Let’s just say, its not my preference of fun or pleasure. Yet, Budapest got out the party goer in me I didn’t know existed. With the clubs and bars set in old abandoned buildings (known as ruin bars) and the Saturday night parties at the biggest thermal spa, also known as Sparty – and not to forget, super cheap alcohol- I bet you’d become friends with travellers across the globe and have a night you won’t forget.


The best : There is something for everybody

I think this is my most favourite bit about this city. Or wait, I think the most favourite is that it’s extremely affordable.

Are you somebody who enjoys history? Or hiking? Sightseeing? Or partying all night? Relaxation and spa? Or are you a foodie?

There is something for everybody, and that, is my most favourite bit about Budapest. It caters to everybody, and all sizes of pockets 🙂

Casually trying to be candid with by tripod

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