How eliminating the use of just One Word can change your life

In Class 9, my English teacher would always tell us not to use the word ‘hate’ (believe me I feel a sense of uneasiness just typing it right now!). She’d tell us to replace it with despise, detest, dislike. “Hate is too strong a word to use”, she’d say. I never understood the weight of what she meant, back then. Since she was one of the few teachers I genuinely adored, I blindly followed this. And, I’m still following it.

It is much later that I started my spiritual journey- when I read The Secret and learnt Reiki, to start with. These were the milestones in my life (aged 18-20yrs) that I started to weigh the energy of what I speak, and the energy it will give and attract.

Okay, I know we went a little too deep there. In simple words, eliminating such strong negative words have a huge impact on your energy all together. Why do you even want to give anything or anybody that much importance to use such strong negative words against them?

Over time with my spiritual practices, I’ve learnt that-

  • Your anger only affects you. Being angry just never helps! If you are angry with a situation, you anger won’t change it. If you are angry with somebody, they probably don’t even care. YOU and you alone are experiencing the negative psychological and physiological changes of anger.
  • Using strong negative words attract strong negative situations into life. I dislike smoking, I dislike raisins, I dislike a couple of humans. But do I need to use the H-word for them? Are they really so important?

These changes are tiny but shape you long term. Let me know what you think. 🙂

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  1. Great article. Hate is perhaps a very strong word. Ultimately we have to decide ourselves if we want to give power to the thoughts of other person. Because we ourselves are responsible for our situation.


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