My (Mental & Physical) Health during Quarantine

On March 13, 2020, I went for my workout in the morning at 7am and then worked from home. The next day, I took the day off to rest and some time in the middle of the day my gym announced that they’ll be shut until March 31, 2019.

It wasn’t the closing of my gym which I was upset about as I was happy for this measure to be taken during this crucial time of the virus, but there was something else that hit me. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday – by the evenings I was upset for no reason at all. I would feel low, not want to do anything and just be sad. Tuesday, was the first day when I pulled through the day ‘normally’.

I don’t know why was I upset, maybe staying completely indoors for 3 days is new to me. Maybe it’s because till date from morning till night whether I am scrolling through Instagram or speaking to my friends- its mostly about the virus. I am saying ‘maybe’ because I don’t know the cause of me feeling like shit, haha.

I do know some of us are getting affected by it mentally. We are getting angry quickly, some of us may be sweeping into existential crisis, and some us feeling a flux of these new emotions. It’s Day 10 today for me, so if you’re feeling what I did – I assure it gets better. 🙂

Physically, I am seeing an overflow of ‘getting fat during corona memes’. And I don’t see why, because now is the time where being moving is more important than before. You NEED your happy hormones, your body needs that movement. I do not mean a hardcore workout circuit, but you need to move and sweat for 20 minutes at least 5 days a week.

I know its new to a lot of you and it’s not motivating – but do this for your physical and mental health and your immunity. There are a lot of workouts I am seeing every day online on different Instagram pages, I’m sure you’ll find your forte.

How am I doing right now? Actually, good. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten home food one week in a row. I am eating simpler food like eating dal almost every day. I’m hardly reading or being productive and I don’t understand why is everybody speaking about using this time to be productive – isn’t there enough to deal with already?

As we spend a lot of time on social media and consume this info, let’s try to stay calm and not panic. Let’s try not to succumb to any pressure about which we read online. You don’t HAVE TO suddenly find a hobby and start painting or read one book a week – you do you! Let’s focus our energy instead of doing our best to stay safe and keeping others safe. Let’s eat good home-cooked food before we get back to our lifestyles of heading out every weekend. This is a hard time, this lifestyle is new to all of us. We’re in this together. And like all things do, this too shall end.


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