I hope your Gratitude stays (post-COVID-19)

If you are reading this post, chances are that you’ve seen the link on my Facebook or Instagram and stumbled across the link. This also means that you have a stable internet connection, and you’re well versed in the English language to comprehend what I am writing here. If these lines apply to you- congratulations, you are privileged than many of those in our country.

Lately, a lot more people are feeling grateful about the smallest things with the ongoing Covid-19 crisis. Those of us who are at home, are grateful to be home. India being a developing country with most of our population being poor, most of us are grateful that we can eat food and be comfortable right now and some of us are doing all we can to help the poor (respect to all of you for doing this).

I’m happy that a lot more people are feeling grateful with these circumstances. And by grateful, I mean a lot of us are thankful for the most basic things we never thought about consciously like our family, home, food- after all, we interact with all of them on a daily basis, right? Moreover, we are grateful to be alive and have those suffering in our prayers.

I’ve described enough about how I’m perceiving the current situation, but I’m not writing this to explain my perception. I’m writing this because I sincerely hope your gratitude stays. You see, tough times make us realise these snippets but when things get back to normal, we don’t give our ‘basics’ another thought. Before I started writing a gratitude journal in 2017, I was surprised! Quite unpleasantly, because why wasn’t I consciously grateful for what I have every day? It took a book (The Magic) to make me feel grateful for my health or my parents or just the food I eat.

I want your gratitude to stay because staying with gratitude is the only way to contentment. I want you to feel grateful to just BE ALIVE every single day because that’s a whole different feeling – a beautiful one. I want you to count your blessings every single day after the COVID crisis ends from your mother’s cooked food to be lucky enough on having a roof on top of your head (oh but everybody has a roof duh – no, everybody doesn’t). As somebody who has been practicing gratitude for a while, I want you to value all you have even after this. Because we cannot just feel good about things when things are wrong, we need to feel good about things every day.

It makes living so much more lively and worth living when you are consciously grateful to ‘live’, every day.




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