100 Days of Yoga

In May 2020, I decided to do 30 days of Yoga. Doing yoga at least once a week has been on my mind since about 6 months, but well… life and laziness kick in and this once a week event never took place.

I know about the YouTube channel Yoga with Adriene since more than 5 years and have worked out with Adriene once in a while. After browing her website and seeing the monthly calendars she puts up since last few years, I planned to start with her playlist called ‘30 days of Yoga’. (It’s all FREE!)

Adriene has a certain charm to her… you know sometimes you meet people and they reflect so much positivity that you feel better after meeting them? That’s what these videos have been for me. Rather, not just for me but for millions of people around the world (read the comment sections of her videos to see it for yourself!).

Find What Feels Good

Doing this playlist for 30 days never left me frustrated about not being able to do certain poses or not being flexible enough or strong enough, the practice ALWAYS left me happy, energized, and calm. This is also because Adriene constantly focusses on ‘find what feels good’ instead of trying to match a certain standard defined as good enough, which is super supportive through the practice (and even outsie of the practice!).

Below are some changes I felt after 30 days – 

  • My mind and body connect was stronger than it had ever been. 
  • My shoulders were sore for the first few days but they slowly got stronger than before (physically more well defined as well)
  • I found out that lifting 75kgs of weight in deadlift is far easier than holding your own bodyweight in a certain posture for a minute
  • I became more aware – of the relationship between my mind+body and my surroundings
  • I got addicted to yoga (for good)
  • My entire body felt so much stronger and lighter!
  • Contrary to what I thought about not burning enough calories in Yoga as compared to my Crossfit routine, I actually gained no extra weight and felt fitter & stronger
  • I experienced greater care, acceptance, and love towards myself

The 30 days didn’t just end at 30, of course. I’m so grateful to this YouTube channel for the amount of positivity and happiness it spreads! As of now, Yoga is my everyday post workout routine and once a week active recovery routine. Currently, I’m doing her May 2019 routine called ‘Open’. 🙂

I know for many yoga is boring, and sleepy, and just not exciting enough. For me, aligning my breath to my body and being in touch with my inner self has been an experience which I so greatly feel but can hardly put into words. After 100 days, I strongly believe that this is just the beginning of discovering and learning something new, something beautiful. (:

I will be reviewing the Chloe Ting 2 week Shred next, make sure you go to the homepage and subscribe to my mailing list to get it straight to your inbox !

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