Review – Chloe Ting 2 Weeks Shred

This challenge has been making waves since last couple of months when people started posting their transformation pictures of getting abs/ flat tummy in just a span of 2 weeks. Chloe Ting with just a few hundred thousand followers earlier now has 14.2m followers. Not just that, one of the videos which you have to do everyday in this challenge has more than a 100mn views :O

Now, if you want to get to the results like other blog posts/vlogs, you’re in the wrong place… and I’ll tell you why.

The 2 week shred challenge is from 15-45min a day for 15 days with a rest day after every 3-5 days. There are 5 videos which are programmed for these 15 days:

  1. Do this everyday to lose weight
  2. Abs in 2 weeks
  3. Lower Body burn workout
  4. Tight core and arms workout
  5. 11 line abs

Yes, I do think the names are highly misleading which is why Chloe has put a disclaimer in all video descriptions that the names are for SEO purpose only.

Talking about my experience with this challenge, let me list the pros and cons:


  1. Short
  2. INTENSE. Yes, they are tiring!
  3. Your core would be on fire
  4. GREAT for beginners
  5. Chlow is super cute, and motivating!


  1. While the workout is great for beginners, if you’ve been working out for a few years then this won’t feel complete. After first 3 days, I started using this workout as a warm up to my weight-lifting workout.
  2. Working out your core every single day is NOT recommended. You cannot workout any muscle group on a daily basis!

So I understand the hype – its short, free, well-documented and actually tiring. Hence, I totally think its a great workout to start working out or as a quick break between your usual regime. However, if you’re considerably active then this may not be your scene as its like any other HIIT workout out there to do just well programmed with great videos. Also, you may or may not get a great core after the challenge because any fitness goal needs to be followed with 80% of clean eating. If you do not eat clean, no amount of working out works!

To try or not to try? Definitely to try. I still use some of her core videos to add to my core routine every now and then. You can check out more of her programs here.

UPDATE – My current workout routine is LIIFT4 from my most fav company – Beachbody. I’ve completed 4 weeks of the 8-week program. I also follow Yoga with Adriene (YouTube) everyday after my workout. I start my 3rd month with the Headspace app tomorrow for meditation and I think I’ve been away from Instagram from a little over 2 months now… Life is good! Gratitude everyday.

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