Niharika Sodhi

24 years old. MSc. from Manchester Business School, U.K.; Triple Major in Economics, Psychology and Sociology from India.

I started this blog back in 2015 when I was an undergraduate student.

When I dropped 20kgs+ (45lbs) in a year, I realised how easy it is to be fit. The motive of the blog was simple – make healthy living and fitness knowledge accessible, because it isn’t as hard as people claim it to be. I realised one needs no diets or expensive plans to lose weight. What do they need? Well, you have to read my blog for that.

Fast forward 2017-18, the travel bug bit be during studying in England because the world was so accessible ! I travelled to 10 countries all alone at 21, and today stand at 24 countries visited in total. Numbers apart, my biggest life lesson from travelling is to live life on a daily basis. I live for today, be happy for today, and am grateful to live each day.

Apart from my blog, I am a hardcore believer of energy. The energy we give to ourselves with our thoughts and what we give out to other. I don’t know why I mentioned this, quite random. Anyhow, before you go away because this page isn’t ending there’s one last thing. Thank you for giving me your time and reading. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it!