My Experience With Detox !

“I ate so much last holiday, I totally want to detox this week!”

I’ve been telling this to myself since weeks! Every weekend after overeating I would think of detoxing for the next following days, except that those days never came. So last week, I finally tried my first ever detox. It wasn’t as big as I’m making it sound, just one day long!

I’ve come across various celebrities putting up products from Raw PresseryΒ . I did some research and found out that their cold pressed juices are absolutely fresh and natural, which contain absolutely nothing more than the mentioned fruits and vegetables. No added sugar, in fact no added water too !

Their ‘cleansing’ plans sounded pretty fancy, so I opted for the Fibre Cleanse plan. I opted for this particular cleansing plan because it also had soups and not just juices, and if you follow me on my social media you’ll know my relationship with food ❀



(All juices/soups are 410ml)

The ingredients are listed on the bottle.

8.30 am – I received my pack


9.00 am – TRIM


Honestly, I was so scared to try this one because it has so many vegetables and I haven’t really had a vegetable juice. To my surprise, it tasted great ! It wasn’t bitter and tasted very pleasant.


11.30 am – LOVE

















This particular juice tasted very very berry. I am not a berry person, I found it overly sweet and heavy. I only finished about half of it and kept it aside. For those of you who like berry flavoured foods would like it πŸ™‚ This is just a personal opinion, the juice, otherwise, is good!


2 pm – TOMATO SOUP (Lunch)


This meal was my favorite ! It was so delicious and filling ! I was full after eating just half of the soup. I was totally satisfied with this lunch πŸ™‚


4.30 pm – SHIELD


I really liked this juice since I drink carrot-orange juice every winter. So it reminded me of that ! The taste is dominated by that of ginger. This particular juice was refreshing after a lazy afternoon!


5.30 pm – ALOE VERA SHOT


So while doing this cleanse, you cannot do any heavy exercise, just some light walking. Aloe vera shot is just something ‘extra’ hence I had it before I went for a walk, just some pre-workout energy you know?




I messed up a little here because I was still not hungry so I ate this around 7.20 pm. The soup was kind of bland, I expected it to taste bitter. I’m glad it wasn’t ! πŸ™‚


9.30 pm – LIGHT


By this time, I had a terrible headache. I took this bottle of juice and could not even open it (Energy, where were you?). I had 2 sips of this juice. Don’t get me wrong, it tasted nice with a dominant taste of guava but I could just not have juices anymore. And before my head gets worse, I had 2 slices of toast.


My experience with the detox taught me about will power. I do not pass a day without my cold coffee, but I controlled. Yes, I did have 2 toasts reluctantly by the end of the day but it was also my first time of not eating food the entire day! As we know, a lot of Indian festivals followed by various communities have fasting. Fortunately or unfortunately, mine doesn’t, so I have never fasted. Most of you probably have, so you may find it easier. But for me? I was out of energy by the end of the day.

Would I suggest you to do it? Sure. Whats the harm in trying ! Also, it makes your bloating go and flushes out toxins from your body. To be on the safer side, try it on a holiday so you aren’t drained out πŸ™‚

Also, please don’t consider that drinking fruits and vegetable juice everyday is a short cut to weight-loss ! There is no short cut to losing weight, and liquid diet is an unhealthy path. Please choose to do these cleanses once a week or so.








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  1. Hi Niharika,
    You haven’t mentioned about what the detox did to your body? Did you really feel that your body flushed all the toxins? I want to know did it really cleanse your body and was it really worth the money.
    Your honest reviews in your blog will help other readers as well


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