Well first of all, I am really glad I stopped by. I have been seeing your posts on forever fit, and came by to see your posts here. I suffer from PCOD too, and as a result have put on crazy amount if weight! Nearly 20 kgs. Was never thin , but I’m now 70 odd. I started going regularly to the gym (5days a week) and came down to 69 from 75kgs in around 3months. My diet was normal , I basically cut excess sugar. (I had three weddings in my house though so I think the dancing compensated for all the food there!) Well,my query is that in after those 3months, I accidentally slipped at home and fractured my foot and haven’t really worked out since. I’m too scared of hurting my bone again so really would like to hear what you would suggest as a workout . I don’t think just walking would help. Also would you say the symptoms of pcos went down after you lost weight? I hear even 5%of weight loss helps in a big way!any help would be appreciated! Thanks

Hey there!
Sorry to hear about the fracture and yes walking alone won’t help (unless you are brisk waking).
I can totally understand how you are hesitant of hurting your bone again because even I have a ligament tear on both my knees and because of that I refrain from jogging or running. Ever since i started exercising i haven’t run on the treadmill at all, I just use the cross-trainer or do cycling . Also, i stop my workout if i feel even the slightest pain on my knee.
So what i would suggest is that start with yoga(?) Because it’s low impact and is great for your overall body. It can be a good start and after 2 months or so when you have enough stamina and strength you can start with gym. Gym can help you regain your muscle and help you lose weight without putting pressure on your foot. Just don’t jog or run.
Apart from that, don’t eat fried, junk, anything. In fact, go one month without any sugar (in tea, sweets, etc), that helped me a lot getting back in track and then you can slowly start it.
Your main aim should be being fit without injuring your foot.
About PCOD, main thing is that my periods became regular and this was just after i lost like 3 to 5kgs. After which i probably gained 10+ kgs during boards but never got it back.
I hope this helps. Best of luck!

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