Question of the Week

It hasn’t been a week, in fact its only been 24 hours since I started this blog. Nevertheless, every weekend I would be answering someone’s query. So here we have the first one-

of girls in India have PCOD-PCOS

Hey there!

Congratulations on losing so much weight! My workout (from June 2014- April 2016) was 20-25min cardio + 40min weight training + 20min abs/sides. Now I am doing Insanity Max 30 which is 30min super high-intensity training and gets me way more tired than gym. I would be putting up a review on it once I finish the 8 week program. On YouTube, I really like XHIT and Fitness Blender, even Blogilates is okay.

So about PCOD/PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Disorder/Syndrome), the advantage to someone overweight is that we can get over it – like I don’t have it any more since I started losing weight. So in simple words what really happens with PCOD/PCOS is that there are tiny cysts which are formed outside the ovaries. What makes it worse is your abdominal fat which starts suffocating the ovaries, hence making the condition worse. Moreover, male hormones are produced hence you see more hair growth (especially facial hair) as well.

Hence, this is a hormonal imbalance in your body. Also, my doctor told me that it happens to more girls today because of stress, lack of physical activity and junk food. You’re on the right track of eating healthy, but make sure you don’t stress out about things as stress can delay a period as well as increase the duration! If you want to change your lifestyle a little more, you can change your workout- from home workouts to crossfit to sports, whatever you like.

About stretch marks, I have them but they’re really light and can’t really be seen. Don’t worry about them, embrace it, it’s the proof of your fight 🙂

I hope I helped you. A detailed PCOD/PCOS post is in the list and will be up soon since its a huge issue! Thank you so much for writing to me. For everyone else, go to the ‘Contact’ tab to ask me questions and I shall answer it in next QOTW.



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