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Hi Varun,

Thank you so much for your kind words 🙂

Tell me something, if you know that you are extremely overweight and that your body is at risk, what stops you from working out? It cannot be the lack of time, because if you prioritise something you also make time for it. So if that is the issue, fit exercising in your schedule. Wake up earlier if needed and exercise.

About your meals, skipping meals makes you fatter because your body starts storing old carbs and fat to use as energy when you do not feed your body, resulting to weight gain. So eat and eat frequently but reduce your portions and eat ‘healthy’ i.e. for snacks instead of chips eat dry fruits.

This is about working out and eating well. Lastly, I would want to tell you to love yourself. Don’t lose weight because you hate your body, lose weight because you love your body. If you hate it, you’d want to starve and do everything possible to get rid of fat and that is so unhealthy and dangerous for the long run. If you love it, you would feed it nutrition for it’s betterment and lose weight the correct and healthy way- do this. Love your body enough that you want to make it better by doing the right things, not depriving it of what it needs.

Good luck!


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