A Healthy Person’s Menu

A subsequent to my previous post, here is what most religiously healthy people’s menu looks like. Whenever I go out, these are the things I’m trying to find in the menu. Don’t forget to modify your foods when you go out! Click here to learn how to do that.


Lobster Bisque SMArtisan Soup RollButternut SquashButternut SquashCarrot Ginger SMChicken Noodle LargeChicken Noodle SMCreamy Chicken.png

A few pointers :

  • Shakes should not have sugar in it. If you desperately need to sweeten your shake, add honey.
  • No ice-cream and whip cream to be included in shakes. Protein powder, if possible is great.
  • Ask for your meals to be made in less butter and oil.
  • Of course when I say grilled chicken steak I don’t mean plain grilled chicken steak, it can have a variety of sauces to it (no, cheese doesn’t count).

The conclusion being if a food holds good nutritional properties (chicken, paneer (cottage cheese), eggs, vegetables, etc) , is not fried and doesn’t contain fattening sauces and toppings, its healthy! Who knew eating healthy could be THIS easy 🙂

You can drop in your queries in the ‘Contact’ tab above and I’ll mention it in Question of the Week (QOTW) or drop in your queries as comments below.


  1. Hi guys i am Rakesh Shetty,
    Age-27, height-173cm, weight-86 kg

    Started my daily walking +runnging total 8+km(1.5km running) on Aug 21-2016
    now on sep 01-2016(11 days) now on 86 kg(lost 2.5 kg)

    Diet Normal
    breakfast -milk+oatmeal
    Lunch-Rice dal small non masala curry(or any)
    Evening-tea+biscuits with sugarfree
    Dinner-3-4 roti+ sum subji.

    You can eat one tym chicken(150gm)
    And One tym fish(200gm)

    My weight loss goal is going on and will update after 15 days with a pic.


  2. i m a vegetarian …..can u tell a healthy diet for veg ….i m srikanth ….30 years old ….5 feet 10 inches height …..n 78 kilos weight …..i m doing 500 jumps of skipping , 12 rounds of surya namaskar ….6 rounds with right leg n 6 rounds with left leg , n 1 hour of dancing ….so kindly tell me powerful energetic veg diet to do all these things effectively without loss of any important energy or vitamins or proteins .


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